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You ever felt the effect of DIVINE INTERVENTION? Like someone up there is protecting you and magically makes everything come together in the end after numerous hurdles. That's how today felt. This photo has been captured on a phone by the talented @soulful_s , a true singh, who drove 4 hours each way to my hospital, and captured everything within 1 hour. This gentleman made my vision a reality and that for me was actually emotional. Thank you @tamararashford.ox you loyal, I like you ( - DJ Khaled) I couldn't have done this without you girl - that's some Scorpio love right there. Thank you @bitaayazdani and @aishaaa_aa my beauties and all the fantastic staff at my hospital for making my day so special today. There's a reason why you all were placed in my life at this precise junction of my life. What is beauty without a purpose. Love you my precious NHS and all the heroes that make this system a success. Love you pilgrim hospital - my work and worship XXX @missenglandnews @beautywithapurposeofficial @missworld

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