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@janefonda WAS a bad bitch and is STILL a bad bitch. ????????⠀ ⠀ Back in the late 1970's she was protesting, speaking and raising money to recruit GI's that had seen atrocities in the Vietnam war (All of the funds raised by her speaking tour were donated to an anti-war fund.)⠀ ⠀ After speaking in Cleveland she was arrested for "smuggling drugs" after security found vitamins in her bag.⠀ ⠀ "I told them what they were but they said they were getting orders from the White House–that would be the Nixon White House. I think they hoped this "scandal" would cause the college speeches to be canceled and ruin my respectability." Funnily enough this only HELPED her cause raising her attendance on her tour from under 2000 to 10,000+ per speech.⠀ ⠀ Down the line she (fabulously) created merch out of her mug shots and strutted them on the red carpet in IDGAF Fonda fashion.⠀ ⠀ Fast forward to today and she's STILL standing her ground. She's STILL using her voice to help humanity. You can disagree with her, you can dislike her; but you can't disagree that she's the epitome of brave. She fully invests in every fight regardless of the consequences or of those in power trying to tear her down. She is even MOVING TO WASHINGTON to continue to fight for climate change.⠀ ⠀ This woman is a fucking inspiration ✊???????????????? #fightlikeagirl #janefonda #climatestrike #climateemergency #protestsigns #inspirationalwomen #powertothepeople #strongwomenquotes #strongwomen #fightforyourworld #coolwomen

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