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During my pregnancy with the twins I gained 66lb (30kg). ????????My doctor was encouraging me to eat more because most twins are born prematurely and their weight is often under 6.6lb (3kg). I ate a lot, six times a day. A nutritionist was helping me to choose meals that are healthy for me and the babies. Back then I wasn't really thinking of how I will get back in shape. The only thing I cared about was the health of my babies. Thank God, they were both born above 6.6lb, healthy and chubby❣️ But my body was completely transformed... I wasn't sure if I could ever get back to my previous shape. ???? 8 months postpartum, with the amazing home workout plan + low carbs meal plan (both prepared by the gorgeous fitness model @bilianayotovska_new ❤️) I can wear my old clothes again❣️❣️❣️Today I even managed to get into my old jeans ???? ❣️???????????? My goal now is not to get back in shape... My goal is to get into the BEST shape I can possible get❣️Dear Six pack and Bubble butt, here I come❣️???? ????????????????‍♀️????

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