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It's not often I post a selfie, but as it's World Mental Health Day I wanted to share this image. "Let's Talk" is a particularly personal project to me as I have suffered with depression. Whilst at university I needed to take a year out because of it. But by opening up and talking I was able to seek help and get back on my own feet. For the first six months I just stayed inside and ignored the world. I lost all motivation and drive. Thankfully my parents, tutors and friends encouraged me to talk. I was then given a camera by my parents. Photography got me out of the house and got me back talking to people. I really hope the @lets_talk_uk campaign I've created in collaboration with @kateforrester999 can be a way of using my photography to help others who have mental health difficulties. So speak up and talk about your difficulties. You never know what good things could come from it. An outdoor exhibition of Lets Talk is on display now in @regentsplace thanks to the support of @BritishLand. Grab a friend and head on down. . #worldmentalhealthday #worldmentalhealthday2018 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #letstalk #speakup #selfie #portrait #photography #exhibition #artforall #london #art

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