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Let's talk more openly about mental health. A free outdoor exhibition of Let's Talk is now on display in @regentsplace thanks to the support of @britishlandplc. This is Nathaniel and this is his story: I suffer from mild depression and anxiety. There's often a spiral of downward 'low' emotions that feel out of my control. It's knowing that you should be doing something, be going out to work, or even something simple like a walk but can't bear to face any of that. It's like a monster that holds you back. I used to binge eat and drink a lot as a coping mechanism and that's obviously unhealthy so I've stopped. Now I understand that social interaction is really important for me, so if I'm having a difficult moment, I let my friends and partner know and then make an effort to do something with them. If you're struggling with mental health difficulties then please seek help. Help is out there. Do what's best for you, you have to be selfish sometimes to look after yourself in the long run. It took my mentor and partner at the time to really push me to get the help that I needed. Tell people that are close to you how you're really feeling - they care. The awesome lettering was done by @kateforrester999 - great working with you Kate! #letstalk #speakup #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalillnessawareness #talk #mentalillness #britishland #mentalhealthuk #regentsplace #exhibition #campaign #designyourlife #mentalhealthawareness #timetotalk #handlettering #photography #mentalhealthuk

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