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All projects have good days and bad days. Yesterday I was worried we wouldn't finish in time, today I struggled to keep everyone busy. Somehow we breezed through preparing over 60,000 straws, even hanging up a huge chunk of them. The best part though was finally being able to show all the volunteers what they were working towards. We're about 50% away from the completion of the #strawpocalypse and I can't wait to share with you where it goes from there. Special thanks to all the invisible volunteers like @suki_______ who helped me plan the first 3d model, Nick Moser who converted it from model to CNC, @fionazio who helped transform the CNC into reality, @sagafrontier connecting us to all sorts of unique locals, @meggie.pham937, @dave.lemke , , @rakozuken , @lenktran @leannelim_ @leopukachi ,and so many more volunteers who threw themselves at the project without thinking twice !! Thanks for joining in on the crazy adventure!

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