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WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK. In honor of mothers and babies breastfeeding, this week there are thousands of events around the world supporting mothers nursing their children. Sadly we recently saw that our government yields to the pressure of the formula companies by encouraging formula over breast milk (see NYT Article). Nothing is more natural and healthy than moms breastfeeding their babies. I was thrilled to assist Leslie with feeding our three babies. Recently I teamed up with the super talented @rekanyariphotography and her daughter Ilo for a shoot commemorating this important week. Reka is a full time Photograher and yet continues to breast feed Ilo for 2 years now. As a doctor I always respect every mother's decision to nourish their babies how they see fit. My wife's breastfeeding record; Scott 4 months, Cameron 4 weeks, Julia 4 hours. Love you Leslie!!!????. @isewhite for so much! @grisellerosarioproductions as always, @edwinirizarrynyc @rafelynailsnyc @billy.jim @steventphoto @sofia_brunet #noshame #normakizebreastfeeding #milkmaker #pumpingmom #pumpingmama #modelmom #motherhood #workingmom #nurture #breastfeeding #breastfeedinginpublic #love #nourish #nourishing #biglatchon #global_family

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