Which one would you pick? (Neither is also an option ????) - - The point here is not to promote the Big Mac over the pasta due to its lower calorie value, but to highlight the extortionate calorie value of a supposed 'salad'. Salad = healthy in most minds. But what does 'healthy' even mean? - - A lot of people trying to lose weight or moderate calorie intake would assume that the pasta salad is going to be more beneficial their goals than a Big Mac. Who would blame them - I don't. "The word salad is on the box, chicken is lean... pasta? Well it's better than a friggin Big Mac, right?" - - But this example once again shows that education, understanding of food labelling and informed judgements are key to making the best choice for your goal. In isolation, this comparison shows the Big Mac as a better option for fat loss in pure terms of calorie intake supporting a calorie deficit (which you require for fat loss). - - There are of course several different variables which could mean that either of these choices will still support your goals. Total daily calorie intake outwith each for example. But nearly 1000 calories on a 'routine' Chicken & bacon pasta tub (which is unlikely to be seen as a treat or recognised for its calorie density), may not be the best idea for most. Neither is a Big Mac in all probability, but this comparison is interesting nonetheless. - - Remember - body composition is determined by calories in vs calories out. Health and function is supported by nutrients consumed. Therefore it's a good idea to be aware of the calories you consume on a daily basis and organise most of your diet around nutrient dense whole foods. Then at times, whilst being accountable, eat cake. ???? - - P.s. I'd eat neither because I wouldn't enjoy the experience... enjoyment is another important factor when choosing what you eat. If forced to choose I'd go for the Big Mac ????‍♂️. - - As ever, tag a mate to help them out ???????? - -

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