Is dark chocolate better? Dark chocolate is often seen as a healthy alternative to milk or white chocolate. Some may argue that the latter two aren't chocolate at all. But they are. - - As you can see from this example, dark chocolate is more calorific than milk chocolate. When it comes to weight loss, calorie amount within calorie dense foods must be one of your main considerations. So the fact that the milk chocolate has less calories, may make it a better choice for your overall goal. It may over time mean that you lose more weight, or don't gain as much weight. Even though milk chocolate is more processed, if consumption is equal and in comparison to what your consumption of dark chocolate would be, you'll be consuming less calories. Simple. - - However, if sugar consumption is something you are concerned about, there is a big difference in favour of dark chocolate - it has much, much less refined sugar that its milk counterpart. There is also a considerably higher amount of fibre in dark chocolate compared to milk. Fibre consumption helps with satiety and therefore you may be less likely to over consume dark chocolate as a result. Note the word 'may'. This is subjective from one individual to another. - - In conclusion, eat the type of chocolate you prefer, but be aware of its nutritional properties and how they impact your body composition and overall health. Dark chocolate is not 'healthier' as much as milk chocolate is not 'unhealthier'. Both those terms are extremely vague. The answer to both depends on their place in your overall calorie/nutrient intake. They are what they are. Moderate consumption of both can absolutely be part of a healthy, successful diet in which you are aware and in control. - - Which one would you choose? I have to say I'd go for the dark, purely on taste ????. - - #thefitnesschef #chocolate #calories #caloriedeficit #caloriecounting #fatloss #caloriecomparison #darkchocolate #milkchocolate #dairymilk #snack #chocolatelover #diettips #fatlosstips #fatlosscoach #nutritionfacts #fibre #losebellyfat #sugar #lowsugar

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