Wine is not bad. It can be enjoyed as part of a fulfilling, healthy diet. In fact, a glass of wine each day can possibly fit the same statement. - - But here's the thing. For fat loss, I always advise a gradual and sustainable calorie deficit - usually 10-15% from maintenance. For example if 2500 daily calories maintains your current weight, shaving off 10% leaves you with 2500-250=2250 calories per day to hit that 10% deficit. - - If we put daily consumption of a glass of wine into this scenario of daily, weekly and monthly calorie intake geared towards fat loss, this one glass could actually negate a big chunk of your calorie deficit. The question is; Do you really need it? Furthermore; Do you even track it? - - If you do need it... Fair play. You'll just have to adjust something else instead. But what this graphic does highlight is that over time, small entities of calories accumulate to affect the big picture. - - Balance and inclusion of all foods/drinks you enjoy is essential to sustain any weight change. But only if you are accountable and aware. It is incredibly easy to over consume calorie dense foods/drinks, especially at night when you're bored. You bought the wine so let's face it - you may as well drink it. - - The wine in this graphic represents any small amount of food/liquid which proportionately contains a lot of calories for its worth in satiety level and nutrient density. Therefore the likelihood of consuming multiple portions increases -along with the calories. - - Sit down. Enjoy a glass of your favourite wine. But if fat loss is the aim, it's probably a good idea to keep track of the amount you consume and align it with your goal ???????? - - Tag a wine lover who needs to see this ????. - - #thefitnesschef #winetuesday #winelovers #winelover #fatloss #fatlosstips #caloriedeficit #calories #nutritionfacts #nutritioncoach #fatlosscoach #losefat #drinking #caloriecounting #losebellyfat #diet #dieting #prosecco

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