Carbohydrates are vilified on a daily basis as being a direct cause of weight gain. They are lambasted up and down the country as the food group which purposefully denies you the body you want. "Carbs? No thanks I'm trying to lose weight" is a phrase that if everything else in the world became silent and only these words remained... would render our ears as 'perished via extreme noise.' - - There has been a development though. Now only 'refined carbs cause weight gain.' Whilst white pasta is seen as some sort of satanic Batman, wholewheat pasta is some sort of less evil Robin. "I'm being good today, I'm having whole-wheat pasta because I heard it's better for me." Well... In terms of body composition and nutrient intake, it is not. - - There is one main nutritional difference between these foods. Fibre. Whilst there is more fibre in the less refined foods which MAYBE increases satiety, feeling full does not directly mean anything. Why? Because you can literally choose to eat more if you wish. - - It all boils down to the same thing again. Calories. As you can see, there is no difference in calories between rice, pasta or bread. Being fat or not fat is defined by calorie intake - which impacts energy balance - which impacts body composition. Regardless of the food. Therefore in Layman's terms (despite all the noise), it's impossible to argue that consuming a high fibre food will be better for your body composition than a lower fibre food. - - If you prefer white rice, pasta or bread, swapping out your preference for the slightly less refined version as a means to lose fat is pointless. For fat loss, consuming high fibre food you enjoy is a good idea if you are aware of their caloric value, just as much as consuming lesser fibre dense foods is a good idea if you are aware of their caloric value too. Above all, be aware, apply it to your goal and choose the food you enjoy most. ???????? - - #thefitnesschef #pasta #calories #nutritionfacts #fatlosscoach #caloriecounting #bread #fatlosstips #eatsmart #fatlossjourney #fatloss #losefat #caloriedeficit #dieting #diet #fatlosshelp #weightloss #losebellyfat

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