You want to lose fat. You ask for advice. "Mr Nutritionist, can you please suggest a low calorie snack?" "Fruit of course" - says every voice of health conscious reason in the land... And that's it. You toddle off in determination. - - You go to the shop. It's fruit this time. But you want convenience. You see the dried fruit. You know it tastes sweet. You look at the ingredients. 100% fruit. You're in. In your head, dried fruits are; easy to store, portable, taste nice and have a longer used by date. You begin horsing dried fruit at your desk every day like Oliver Twist on his first helping of grool. And you feel f*cking chuffed with yourself. - - The general advice isn't wrong in the sense that [in isolation] fruit contains nutrients, fibre and hydration which benefit our overall health more so than a processed snack. The problem lies though, in the depiction of what state the fruit is in. For example, both sets of fruit in my graphic contain the same food and equal weight. Yet one side is drastically higher in calories and sugar than the other side. How? - - Well, it's a very simple answer. If we take banana as an example; it gets 70% of its weight from water. Whereas dried bananas lose around 95% of water content, making them a far more concentrated calorie source. The same logic applies for any dried fruit. Essentially, per 100g, you're eating the calorie and sugar worth of what would be a LOT more fresh fruit. That is literally how simple it is. - - Snacking on fruit is beneficial. But you still have to be smart about it. If fat loss or reducing sugar intake is your aim, you can consume a greater volume of food per calories when the fruit is fresh. Consuming more food & less calories is a logical idea. - - On evidence of this, it's also a good idea to become more aware of what consumption of any food means in relation to your overall energy intake, regardless of its nutritional prowess ????. - - #thefitnesschef #driedfruit #highsugar #freshfruit #caloriedeficit #calories #sugar #fatlosstips #fatlosshelp #nutritiontips #nutritioncoach #dieting #losebellyfat #snacktime #lowcaloriesnack #fatlossgoals #nutritionfacts

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