This was actually a test shot but I decided to post it because I think it really demonstrates a bit of scale in the modest home studio. I don't think I addressed this, but my work office (where I do all the drawing @jeanniephan) is a converted master bedroom in our home. Really, we only rest in our bedroom, so it didn't make sense to me to dedicate the bigger room to sleeping, when a work space was more important to me. So me and my plants moved in. ???????????????? ⠀ We also don't live in a cool artsy loft where the natural architecture has character. It's pretty bland in here actually, so having the living wall was a huge step in creating an inspiring workspace I wanted to be in. You'll also notice that I really paired away my big plants because they were pretty much whacking me while I was working. One of the many reasons I love to elevate plants and go for compact floor plants, like sansevieria. ⠀ Sidenote: the basket under the desk is full of clothing with holes. Because textile waste is jaw-droopingly abundant, we've been trying to mend our garments before they truly have to be thrown out. My mother is a terrific seamstress and I really want to follow in her footsteps, but I won't be making tailored trousers any time soon. Sometimes you gotta start small with a basket full of hole-y winter socks.

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