"Tree of Love" (Aichryson laxum) in bloom. Where to buy? I have no idea. A nice lady put up a classified ad that she was moving out of country and had to sell off her house plants. I responded, expressing interest in her Peperomia puteolata (still going today with some propagations given to @teenytinyterra and @studioplants). After plenty of planty chatting, she started offering up more of her babies for free adoption. I got two of these Tree of Love plants. The other one was discarded after two years of unsatisfactory leggy growth as I could not provide the required time of direct sun for good compact growth (being honest and specific about why it's gone, not just covering it up with "oh it died due to lack of sun"). This one lives in my office kitchen - in large south facing windows though they are partially obstructed by buildings. Has a large view of the sky and sees the sun for 3-4 hours. I give it a thorough drink when the soil is completely dry, which takes over a week. ~ ~ #houseplants #plantlove #natureinspired #plantlover #horticulture #houseplantjournal #plants #treeoflove #aichrysonlaxum

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