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CLEANSER!????And trust me, some days I really need it! This was last year after a crazy shoot, but pic 2 and 3 are from today where I took my make up off. Thanks to @chrissbrenner for all the photos! So obviously cleansing is IMPORTANT.????If I had the time (and I know a lot of women would agree with me) I would cleanse my face halfway through the day and just do my skincare and make up all over again. That's how important it is. I've literally done photo shoots where the make up artist has me wash ALL my make up off so they can reapply everything on freshly washed, hydrated skin. Of course none of us can do this in real life, but I just wanted to stress how important your cleanser is. I use face washes that are ph balanced. I took a pic of mine, but you can google ph balanced cleanser and there's loads of articles on different kinds. The importance of ph balance is huge. I used a lathery, expensive cleanser for many years and my skin got all these tiny under skin bumps that I had no clue how to get rid of. One doctor even told me to take antibiotics for them! I then read about cleansing my face with rosehip oil and ph balanced cleansers. They made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. They don't strip your skin of it's natural oils. And it seems weird but using a cleanser that cleans every bit of oil off your skin makes your skin MORE oily. And that's what gave me those little bumps. My skin was OVER producing sebum because I was cleansing TOO MUCH. I also like to use the rose hip oil as a morning cleanser. Because I cleanse every evening to get all make up and daily grime off my face, I don't want to use anything too strong in the morning. Rose hip is one of the only facial oils that doesn't block your pores AT ALL. It's incredible gentle and prepares my skin for the day ahead. I don't use it every morning, but like 2-3 times a week. When I use it, I'll follow with a ph balanced toner. I didn't post a pic of these, but again google it and you'll find many products that are great as long as they say "ph balanced" on them. Products tagged in pic2 #millaskin #notanad

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