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Rumer is my best friend. I have the privilege of sitting next to her outside right now so let me just narrate what I am seeing: She is in the deep splendor of her 32 year, radiating the ultimate glow that comes from being a genuinely good person and being committed to always growing and learning about herself in service to emanating ever more compassion, love and grace. She is fully swathed in gauzy cotton with long Gorgina hair, a crown atop her head that reads "it's my birthday" enjoying her special day as only a Leo can! I'm so lucky, Rumer is my best friend, so lucky that she is my big sister, so lucky that she has always looked out for me and taught me how to walk through the world. Her being my big sister means that I've never had a minute of my life without her, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I just LOVE you so much @rumerwillis, so now i am gonna log off and tell you all of that in person

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